40 Days of Prayer

I’ve been involved with conversations about what it means to be a young person called to ministry in the United Methodist Church for quite a while now…it’s become something of a career in and of itself! But I got hooked into the conversation that’s going on across our globe about a year ago at the Church’s quadrennial General Conference.

That discussion has become something much larger–not just what the place of young adults in ministry and church, but what kind of church are we becoming. Who are we called to be, as Methodists, as Christians? And the quick answer is…we’re not sure. We know that what has worked in the past doesn’t work now; yet the gospel remains the same. We don’t all agree, operate from the same perspectives, or have set starting points.

We do have something that is bigger than all of our differences and individual viewpoints: the One in whom we live and move and have our being. So a grassroots, social-media-enabled movement began to root whatever it is that we are in the process of becoming in prayer. Ben Simpson got the ball rolling, and it’s being supported by UMCyoungclergy. You’re welcome to read more about it today from these sources and the other folks who are blogging about it today. I’m writing one of the 40 days, and there are many more who have committed to the hard work of praying what we’re setting down. This pilgrimage of prayer occurs during the yearly season in which Annual Conference sessions are held.

So I invite you: Pray with us. Pray that in the “dark night of the soul” which we often find ourselves in that our faith will be strengthened. Pray for God to continue to illuminate the path we are on. Pray for the renewal of the church. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen +

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