Collect for Spy Wednesday

Last Supper, Church of Saint Martin

A prayer for today’s Community Holy Week service at which I am serving as the liturgist, based on the lectionary reading (John 13:21-32). It’s called Spy Wednesday to remember Judas conspiring to betray Jesus. Glorious God, in your Incarnate Word you name the truth of our existence, and through the cross, Christ Jesus emancipates the […]


A Wideness in God’s Mercy

Today’s events have left me feeling a dozen or more different emotions. I thought about one of my favorite hymns, and I hope you will join me in prayer for the dead, the wounded, the mourning, and the one who shot the gun. There’s a wideness in God’s mercy like the wideness of the sea; […]


Offertory Prayer (17 January 2010)

When the earth quakes, buildings collapse, and lives are destroyed– we ask, “Where are you, O God?” When communities need rebuilding, the afflicted need healing, the sorrowful need comforting, the dead prayerful remembrance– God asks, “Where are you, my people?” May our trust in your faithful love be converted into gifts and works of love […]


Ministry, Death, and Making the Words Obey


My conference was breaking for lunch today, and I pulled my iPhone out (the laptop I’d been tweeting on died) to post a Twitter update when this tweet appeared: I was shocked, numb. I had been concerned about Gideon Addington since Sunday when Meredith started wondering where usually active @gideony was. At first we were […]


Fix It….

Driving through the South Park neighborhood and the Lamar campus the day after Hurricane Humberto visited us, my two year old son became quite upset. He began looking around and crying out plaintively, “Fix it! Ben fix it!” My wife and I couldn’t quite figure out what he was talking about until we really looked […]