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Coming out of the morning showing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with Christie, we discovered that in an elementary school in Connecticut, a school like the one our oldest son and daughter attend here in Texas, dozens were killed in a shooting, many of them children. Already, the condolences are pouring out, as well […]


Joyfully Announcing the Great Mystery of God’s Salvation

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Today’s daily meditation from Henri Nouwen seems most appropriate today. I share it with you: The Church is called to announce the Good News of Jesus to all people and all nations. Besides the many works of mercy by which the Church must make Jesus’ love visible, it must also joyfully announce the great mystery […]


The Remote Experience of God’s Presence

“This side of Paradise, people are with God in such a remote and spotty way that their experience of Eternal Life is at best like the experience you get of a place approaching it at night in a fast train. Even the saints see only an occasional light go whipping by, hear only a sound […]


The Preaching Life: Countercultural

[picapp src=”f/3/7/a/Cardinal_Francis_Arinze_133a.jpg?adImageId=7433719&imageId=4948037″ width=”234″ height=”384″ /] …there is a certain contrary character to all faithful preaching…The words of the sermon will be expressing our culture in need–beloved by God, but not itself God. So the preacher’s life, as well, will have certain countercultural strains to it. Perhaps simply being willing to become a preacher was already […]


Quote Board

Well, since I don’t have any original/inspired thoughts at the moment, I thought I’d bring you some thoughts by others. “It’s not that industry is bad. If we shut it down we do not progress. Greed is the problem. If PG&E had done the right thing morally then we’d never have had this lawsuit, lives […]