Blogging for Jesus


I missed the weekly #chsocm Twitter chat last night, but (par for the course) I learned greatly just by hearing after the fact from a variety of folks who are blogging. I’ve been a blogger since 2006, but a mediocre one. I’m a case study for Chris Brogan’s points in his Primer for Blogging, especially […]


Ministry, Death, and Making the Words Obey


My conference was breaking for lunch today, and I pulled my iPhone out (the laptop I’d been tweeting on died) to post a Twitter update when this tweet appeared: I was shocked, numb. I had been concerned about Gideon Addington since Sunday when Meredith started wondering where usually active @gideony was. At first we were […]


Twitter and Mission Fields

In “The Goal of Twitter’s New Homepage?” the social media gurus at Mashable suggest that Twitter is expanding their horizons: rather than being a network all about you, what you’re doing, what your friends are doing, and what BTW, my standard defense of Twitter is that it is a place to engage real people and […]