Pressgram Love: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alternative

The app-etite for useful, beautiful, intuitive programs that are as mobile as they are cool continues to grow. Nothing exemplifies this better than Instagram’s combination of filtered photos and the one camera I always have with me: my iPhone. But alas, IG was bought by Facebook, and … well, you know how this story goes. And nothing, not even Flickr’s updated app, could fill the hole in my heart.

Meanwhile, I’d been trying to get back into consistent blogging. Okay, I’ve never been a REGULAR here, but you know what I mean. Plus, I have a pretty spread-out social media presence: not just Facebook, Twitter, and this site, but Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube (kinda), the aforementioned Flickr, and lastly LinkedIn. How can I make better use of the social media space I have (mostly) control over, and leave less to the elements and venture capitalist demigods?

So when I heard about the Kickstarter for Pressgram, I was ripe for inspiration: and inspired I was! As I’ve watched it evolve from the Kickstarter stage through Alpha testing to what’s available in the App Store right now, Pressgram — and John Saddington’s hard work — has been most impressive.

Download PressgramWhy? Well, let’s take yesterday. I’m still trying to finish up the redesign of the blog (by we I really mean my friend and partner-in-crime Christopher Harris). So I haven’t unleashed any regular posts containing high theological acumen and Daily-Show-esque witticism: it’s the “move along, nothing to see here” phase of development. But I’ve already got Pressgram working here. Just before midnight, I checked my stats, and lo! more than 100 unique visitors had come to my lowly site for nearly 150 views of my images…on a day when I should have had at most 1 hit. Others have had similar experiences, like Jacob Miller (who made the great featured image I’ve borrowed for this post).

Is the community as large or popular as Instagram’s or even Flickr’s? No, of course not. And let’s be honest–it’s an iOS-only app (though I hear it’s coming to Android soon) that posts the photos to a WordPress-powered site. And while WordPress might be the most popular CMS-cum-blogging-software platform on the planet, there are so many folks that Pressgram by nature isn’t going to work for. And that’s more than okay. More complex, better connected, greater control, higher standards: what’s wrong with any of that?

Embrace the alternative.

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Aren't we what we repeatedly love? My wife, being GeekDad to the 4 superkids, United Methodist pastoring, Texas, science fiction and other nerdy pursuits, words (speaking, listening, writing, reading), Britain, music, camping, tech, baseball, practicing theology. Jesus. Coffee.


  1. Great post Josh! I am honored you borrowed my image! Great to see the good news of Pressgram being shared!

  2. Fantastic post! Thanks for also liking my images on Pressgram as well hehe.


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