Church Draft Roundup

Dome Auto Cor

Well, the books are closed on the Ecclesiastical Draft for 2010. My completed draft board looks like this: Rd 1: Ignatius of Loyola Rd 2: Gregory the Great Rd 3: Phoebe Palmer Rd 4: Julian of Norwich Rd 5: JRR Tolkien Rd 6: Janani Luwum Rd 7: the Alexandrian Washerwoman I’m exceedingly pleased with the […]


Church Draft 2010


I’m pleased to be participating in the 2010 Ecclesiastical Draft — Round 2 just wrapped up with some sleeper picks, and it’ll be interesting how Rounds 3-7 play out. This is the brainchild of Drew Ludwig, who has put together a terrific NFL-style marathon! So far I’ve picked 2 significant historical figures in church history: […]