We Long For the Day…

Overlooking Zion

O Lord, we long for the day when our feet will stand within the gates of the New Jerusalem. Until then, as we journey home, guide and protect your church: be our unity, clothe us in truth, and keep us in your peace. We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen. + Psalm […]


New Jerusalem & All Saints


Arch w/ New Jerusalem, Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome. #AllSaints Published via Pressgram


At Table in Jerusalem: A Hymn for Maundy Thursday

As it is now Holy Week, I’d like to share a hymn text I wrote for Maundy Thursday 2008. During that 2007-08 year, I taught a course on worship at Wesley United Methodist Church in Beaumont and that small group grew quite close to each other. I wrote this hymn in honor of that “Passionate […]