Holy Innocents are a dark chapter of #Christmas


4th day of #Christmas + remembering Herod’s infanticide today. Published via Pressgram


Patience – Bible in 90: Day 70


I’m preaching at my campus ministry through the Fruit of the Spirit this spring, and this Sunday night’s fruit-of-the-week (no jokes please!) is Patience. So I find it interesting that of the ~30 times this word shows up in the New Testament, it occurs twice in Matthew 18. The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant is, […]


The Enigmatic Messiah: The Bible in 90 – Day 69

This Jesus guy is tough to figure out. His teaching is full of “You have heard it said…but I say to you…” He’s demanding! “Do not be like this…do this instead!” Trying to get healed? You’re going to have to do something first, I bet. You certainly won’t get to talk about it after, he’s […]


An Identity Crisis

Eight years ago today (liturgically speaking) I preached for the first time in “big church”…not a devotional or talk but an actual sermon in the awe-inspiring sanctuary of St Paul’s United Methodist (Houston) on a Sunday morning: Transfiguration Sunday. It holds up, I think, and today seems oddly resonant. In honor of how the Holy […]