Emmaus Road Experiences @PerritteUMC


A little pictograph for today’s sermon about Cleopas & his friend meeting Jesus on the journey & in breaking bread. Published via Pressgram


Seven Considerations About Online Communion

Jacques Iselin Elements of Holy Communion

Over the last two days United Methodist Church leadership—including pastors, scholars, general agency leaders, and bishops—has been consulting about the possibility of online communion. Much conversation at that meeting (and more that has spilled over to the altar table of the Internet as if from an overfilled chalice) has focused on need, rationale, practice, and […]


10 Ideas for 2011’s Texas Annual Conference


I love going to Annual Conference; the changes which Texas has made to make it more accessible, more interesting, and more vibrant has really changed my attitude. And worship–wow. I’d put Melissa Burnham and DeAndre Johnson up against anyone in the country for their ability to lead an amazing group of people into new heights […]