Entering the Drama of Worship

Lincoln Cathedral

Tonight is Maundy Thursday, the first of the Great Three Days in the Christian tradition. The Triduum, as it is also known, continues tomorrow with Good Friday, and concludes with the celebration of the Easter Vigil either after sundown Saturday night or at dawn Sunday morning. These days form a liturgical triptych that brings the […]


Any Hope for Leading the Church We Have?

Cross and Flame

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately. As a pastor in today’s culture, it’s unavoidable — whether I’m meeting with congregants or the Board of Ordained Ministry, whether I’m working on a sermon or learning at my continuing education program — so much congregational, conference, and church concern focuses on leadership. So I’ve been […]


A Special Announcement

JWH headshot 2014

Earlier today, I announced in worship my new appointment as the pastor of Mission Bend United Methodist Church, followed by a pastoral email to the members of Perritte Memorial United Methodist Church. I’ll be writing more about that in due time, but for the moment, let me share a portion of that letter with you […]


We Long For the Day…

Overlooking Zion

O Lord, we long for the day when our feet will stand within the gates of the New Jerusalem. Until then, as we journey home, guide and protect your church: be our unity, clothe us in truth, and keep us in your peace. We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen. + Psalm […]


Temptations in #Lent: Gandalf Refuses the Ring


There is much good theology in the stories we humans tell as art, fiction, and cinema. The popular fantasy epic of JRR Tolkien, not just a popular series of books but now also films, is one of these. The beginning chapters of The Lord of the Rings tell of the hobbit Frodo learning about the […]


Letting Go for Lent


I don’t like the language of giving up when it comes to Lenten disciplines, if only because it seems so negative. Don’t we let go of attachments, in the Christian pilgrimage, in order to gain God? And — more specifically — what is it that I am called to let go of this Lent? So […]


There and Back Again: An #Explo13 Tale

Departure to Denver for Discernment

One fall Friday morning, a 20-year-old loads his luggage in the trunk, picks up a friend from the campus ministry, and sets out on the highway north to Dallas. Hundreds of other young adults were converging on the airport there as well, all making a pilgrimage of mind and soul as well as body. Thirteen […]


Remembrance Day 2005

peace celebrations

I spent my first year in ministry, as many of you know, as a British Methodist pastor. While some of the practice of faith was familiar to me, what we call the catholicity of Christian belief, much was different, or at least partially transmuted. Remembrance Day fell on a Sunday; akin to our Veterans Day, […]


Today we laugh in the face of evil powers because it’s…


…Reformation Day! By nailing his 95 Theses (points of contention) to the door of the Wittenberg parish church on 31 October 1517, Martin Luther kickstarted the Protestant Reformation. It’s appropriate we remember Luther & the reforming movement of the church he began on All Hallow’s Eve, for both celebrate the victory of Christ over the […]


Lamenting Politics, or the Politics of Lament?


If you’ve been paying attention to the governmental meltdown…err, shutdown over the last week or two, then perhaps you’ve seen footage or read about the increasingly pointed prayers of the Senate Chaplain. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow devoted more than 5 minutes of airtime to Barry C. Black on Friday, October 4th while the New York Times‘ […]