How do we, in the church, think about ourselves as people of faith? Might I suggest that an excellent way to begin considering the life of faith is as an expatriate. In those old words, “this world is not my home.” Or, if you’d prefer a newer reference, try Sting’s An Englishman in New York as a kind of musical meditation on this life. It’s a beautiful and distressing way to live. So why would I recommend it to you? Here, this story is a great place to begin.

And as for me, your fellow traveller…well, aren’t we what we repeatedly love? Here are some loves: my wife, being GeekDad to the 4 superkids, United Methodist pastoring, Texas, science fiction and other nerdy pursuits, words (speaking, listening, writing, reading), Britain, music, camping, tech, baseball, practicing theology. Jesus. Coffee.

Come along on the pilgrimage of faith, searching throughout this world for signs of our true home.